IPI's 7000-square-foot facility on the RIT campus is one of the finest and best-equipped centers in the world for testing imaging and recording materials and for conducting preservation research. The lab is divided into several distinct areas:

Microscopy Lab

IPI’s state of the art imaging and microscopy lab uses a variety of techniques to document everything from test samples to famous works of art. Imaging techniques include use of axial light to document surface gloss, raking light to emphasize texture, and UV to induce fluorescence. Images made here are used in creating publications, lectures, and didactic materials in various formats.

Microscopy Lab

Incubation Lab

IPI’s incubation laboratory contains thirteen temperature/humidity chambers and two dry ovens that provide controlled conditions for a variety of tests. The lab also has a walk-in chamber that can maintain a wide range of temperatures and humidities. This chamber is mainly used for conditioning test samples prior to incubation.

Light Fading Lab

IPI’s light fading lab is equipped with a xenon arc light unit to study the light fastness of photographs and digitally printed material. Tests are performed under a climate controlled environment with a temperature of 25°C (77°F) and a relative humidity of 50%.

Chemistry Lab

Activities in the chemistry lab include solution preparation and a wide range of tests to support research in imaging material stability. This includes film base acidity testing and testing of enclosure materials such as paper.

Pollution Studies Lab

IPI’s pollution lab houses two custom-built, 21-cubic-foot chambers for studying the effects of air pollutants, such as nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and ozone on imaging media and enclosure materials.

Instrumentation Lab

IPI’s instrumentation room is an area designated to prepare samples, measure color and gloss, analyze images, and test the physical properties of materials. To maintain standard conditions, this room is climate controlled with a temperature of 70°F and a relative humidity of 50%.

Dr. Peter Z. Adelstein Library

Over its twenty-five years, IPI has assembled an impressive reference library through generous donations from Eastman Kodak Research Laboratory, the Society for Imaging Science and Technology, and many others. Library items, both historical and modern, range in subject from the history of photography, photographic science, motion-picture film, and applied photography to the preservation and conservation of photographs. On May 20, 2010, the library was dedicated in honor of Dr. Peter Z. Adelstein for his many valuable contributions to IPI.

Dr. Peter Z. Adelstein Library

IPI Research Collection

IPI’s recent renovation included the addition of a multi-functional space dedicated to photographic materials research, collection storage and small group instruction. This room incorporates and centralizes IPI’s study collection, which includes a Gift of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met donated a collection of mounted art reproductions and architectural photographs to IPI in 2005.