What We Do

Since its inception in 1985, the Image Permanence Institute® has provided cultural institutions, preservation scientists, and consumer preservation industries in the US and abroad with significant research, publications, and tools to enable the preservation of image collections and material culture. Our resources are committed to specialized scientific research, the development of up-to-date standards and reliable tools, and the dissemination of useful and understandable information to a broad range of cultural institutions and media consumers.

IPI can work with your organization in many ways – including long and short-term consulting services, preservation-related talks and seminars, testing services for imaging materials and archival storage products, environmental monitoring and analysis tools, film deterioration testing strips, storage guides, books, posters and reports. Extensive information is also available through free environmental management downloads, website access, e-newsletters and consumer guides.

Products and Services

Environmental Management Products


  • Environmental Monitoring and Analysis consultations can range from guidance in purchasing IPI's hardware and software products, designing an environmental management and risk analysis program, evaluating HVAC design plans or existing mechanical systems, help identifying energy saving opportunities, and more. Learn More.
  • Media Collection Surveys and Storage Advice focusing on photograph, cinema, and microfilm collections. The survey includes an on-site visit to place A-D Strips®, a follow up visit to retrieve the strips and document and evaluate the condition of collections and enclosures, detailed analysis of collected data and recommendations for practical ways to improve the quality of the storage environment. Learn More.

Photo-storage and Framing Materials Evaluations (ISO 18902)

Education and Outreach

Outreach Activities

  • Workshops, Talks and Seminars in IPI's areas of expertise such as Best Practices in Managing the Environment for Preservation, Developing an Environmental Monitoring Program, the Effect of Environment on Collection Materials, Sustainable Preservation Approaches, Care and Preservation of Photographs, Identification of Photo Print Processes, etc.
  • Advice on image preservation, environmental management and sustainable practices.