eClimateNotebook Professional Subscription® - IPI’s web-based environmental data management system designed to help you document, analyze, and improve the storage environment for long-term preservation. Available in free and subscription levels depending on institutional size.


  • Ease of use, powerful analysis of preservation quality, and extensive data management features
  • Upload, graph, and analyze data quickly and easily
  • IPI’s Preservation Metrics®, algorithms that calculate the rate of natural aging, the risk of mechanical damage, and the risk of mold growth
  • Reports designed for information sharing among collection care, facilities, and administrative staff
  • 20 institutional users
  • 50 location datasets


The Professional level includes a number of key management functions needed by medium to large institutions. This level accepts data from the PEM2® and original PEM loggers as well as DBF files from Climate Notebook® desktop software. It includes access to outdoor weather data, the Dew Point Calculator, interactive graphs with limit lines, IPI’s Preservation Metrics™, and statistics to help with data analysis. In addition, it provides the ability to upload data from a wide range of commonly used data loggers and automated reports.

Extra features include a multi-level hierarchy of storage locations and an associated information database with both default and custom fields. Professional levels provide several compare features, customizable material selections, and extensive search options. Users can easily evaluate the preservation quality of each monitored location and determine which areas are best suited to particular materials. Systems for incorporating floor plans and photographs, and for noting incidents and activities such as leaks and storage upgrades are included. Both basic and customizable reports are included.

This is a 1-year subscritption for a Professional account on To purchase multiple years, increase the product quanity when adding to the cart.

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Price: $600.00