PEM2® Datalogger

PEM2 DataloggerThis compact, highly accurate data logger is the easiest-to-use device of its kind on the market. The outstanding feature of the PEM2® is its method of data retrieval: USB flash drive (commonly called a thumb drive or USB key) inserted directly into the logger.

The PEM2® is commonly used for:

  • Preventative preservation
  • Environmental monitoring for museums, libraries, and archives
  • Industrial, pharmaceutical, and agricultural validation programs
  • HVAC efficiency monitoring and energy management

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The PEM2 detects the flash key and—in just seconds—writes all data to the key as a plain text file. After uploading one or more loggers, the user can take the key to a computer and upload the data to, where graphs and reports can be created, and data can be stored.

PEM2 data files are also compatible spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft® Excel®. The PEM2 requires no user setup or user-installed software.

The USB flash drive allows you to control the display and temperature scale, to choose to include logger location information in the text file, and to clear data. Certified NIST-traceable calibration. Monitor measures 3.75" x 2.375" x 1.5". Works with both PC and Mac.

The PEM2 will run for approximately 10 years on one set of 4 lithium AA batteries and will retain all 10 years of data for upload at any time. For use inside showcases or other locations with difficult access, a USB extension cable can be used to upload data. Price: $349 each for 1-9 units, $299 each for 10+ units.


The PEM2 is guaranteed against defects in manufacturing for a period of three years from date of purchase. Units that fail under reasonable conditions of use during that time will be repaired or replaced free of charge. A fee will apply to repairs made after the three year warranty period.  Recalibration for temperature and RH accuracy is recommended every three years. The recalibration service includes battery and humidity sensor replacement, firmware upgrades if applicable, and issuance of a new certificate of calibration.



When the PEM2 displays either the low-battery icon or the wrench icon, or if you suspect that the readings you are getting are no longer accurate, the unit can be returned to IPI for humidity sensor recalibration or replacement, clock reset, and battery replacement. NEW! Submit an online recalibration request.