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Analysis of Data from Libraries and Historical Institutions for the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Preservation Program (2008-2009)

The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) has contracted with IPI to organize and analyze over 1,000 datasets from more than 400 sites that have participated in MBLC environmental monitoring programs since 1996. This long-term project was designed and implemented by Preservation Specialist Gregor Trinkhaus Randall. His systematic collection of climate data from cultural institutions on such a scale is almost unprecedented. IPI will bring this massive amount of data into a common format and a web-based environmental management database for analysis. IPI will organize the MBLC website into a hierarchical structure searchable by place, date, type of institution, and various aspects of preservation quality. IPI will also generate a statistical abstract of the entire data set in order to create a composite picture of the preservation quality of environments found in Commonwealth libraries and historical institutions. From this information benchmarks will be created that MBLC and other preservation organizations can use in advising institutions about storage environments.


IPI can work with your organization to develop an Environmental Monitoring and Analysis project that fits your needs, from designing an environmental management program, purchasing monitoring equipment, evaluating HVAC design plans, review of existing mechanical systems, energy saving opportunities, risk analysis, and more.

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