Training Sustainable Environmental Management Teams for Cultural Institutions

The Image Permanence Institute is facilitating a series of workshops hosted in collecting institutions across the country. These three-day workshops are designed to guide participants through the process of facilitating a sustainable environmental management project and will empower participants to implement the methodology and techniques learned at their own institutions. This includes learning how to establish a project, collect environmental data from collection spaces and mechanical systems, and assess facilities and collections spaces as well as how to make informed decisions that will improve the preservation quality of collections environments while at the same time reducing energy consumption. Instruction will include evaluating building documentation including images and building plans allowing participants to collaboratively practice interpreting and understanding facilities documentation.

It is intended that each participating institution send several participants (two to four) that represent multiple departments and the basis of an environmental management team. Each team should consist of no less than a collections representative and a facilities representative. Participants will work within their institutional teams during breakout sessions to build trust, comradery, and common knowledge. IPI instructors will oversee the sessions and assist teams throughout the process. Successful applicants must have at least one year of collections environmental data obtained through active environmental monitoring.



April 21, 2020 - April 23, 2020


Harpers Ferry Center, NPS
Harper's Ferry, WV