eCNB Graphs: Customizing Date Ranges

When viewing and analyzing graphed data, eClimateNotebook offers a number of ways to select what data is presented. The “Date Range” feature allows you to select one of several preset ranges from a dropdown menu, such as This Year, Last Year, This Month, Last Month, All, or you can select a specific year which contains recorded data. 

You can also enter a specific date range by typing Start and End dates (in YYYY-MM-DD format), or by clicking on a selected date in the small calendar icon for each field. 

A fast way of selecting a desired custom range is by using the “Cut” tool. The cut tool is accessible via the icon that looks like a pair of scissors to the right of the Preset dropdown. Click on the icon, and use your mouse to click-and-drag across your desired date range.


will crop the graph to display only the selected range, and the custom dates will show in the Start and End fields. To undo the cropping select “All” or another date range from the Preset dropdown.