eCNB Dataset List Tool

In using eCNB to analyze data graphically, you can analyze a maximum of eight graphs at once. eCNB includes a dataset list tool to assist with accessing groups of datasets quickly and easily, and to reduce repetitive effort of selecting and clearing selections to have the necessary data presented for analysis. The Dataset List tool allows you to create and name a group of datasets you would like to view simultaneously (Figure 1). Later, when you want to view information relating to that specific group of datasets again, you can simply select the list name and the group of datasets will be graphed (Figure 2).

Using dataset lists can expedite certain types of common analysis. For instance, groups of related spaces can be easily paired with outdoor data to run the same report quickly every month. Creating dataset lists also allows users to effortlessly pair data from multiple spaces with the related HVAC system data to make inferences about the system operation.

Making lists in eClimateNotebook