The DP3 Project Website

DP3 Project WebsiteAs a result of the first projects on digital print preservation, IPI now has an entire website dedicated to the preservation of digital printed materials in cultural heritage collections.  The purpose of this website has been to provide collection care personnel with the information, skills, and tools they need care for their digitally printed collection assets.

This site is intended to be didactic and not just a reference, and is designed with a curriculum-like structure. Each of the following menu headings delivers information in the form of a lesson that becomes a building block for the next section.

  • Technologies– descriptions of the major digital printing technologies
  • Identification– an online interactive tool to help you learn to identify the various digital print types (see below)
  • Deterioration– descriptions of the forces of deterioration and their manifestations in digital print collections materials
  • Research– results of IPI’s research into the stability and preservation of digitally printed collection materials

The Resources section includes a Glossary of terms that may be unfamiliar, as well as links to the DP3 Newsletter archive and suggestions for additional reading.

Thanks to recent funding of continued research into digital print preservation, several important updates to the site have been made.

  • The Project Description section has been updated to include descriptions of two new IPI projects dealing with the preservation of digitally printed materials:
    • Pollution Damage Mitigation for Inkjet Printed Materials in Museum Collections - funded by IMLS
    • Continuation of Studies into the Preservation of Digitally Printed Materials in Cultural Heritage Institutions- funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
  • The Deterioration section has undergone a major overhaul to better describe and illustrate all the types of decay that might be seen in a digital print collection including fade, yellowing, bleed, abrasion, and many others.
  • New technical papers describing IPI's latest research on digital print permanence and preservation have been added to the Research section:
    • Effect of Light on Modern Digital Prints: Photographs and Documents
    • The Cracking of Inkjet Colorant Receiver Layers on Exposure to Light
    • The Effects of Various Adhesives on Dye and Pigment-based Inkjet and Dye Sublimation Prints
    • Review of Research at RIT Comparing the Print Value and Permanence of Digital Prints vs. Offset Lithography and Silver-Halide Prints
  • A new FAQ section has been added under Resources to address the most common concerns including:
    • Do digitally printed photos need cold storage like color photographs?
    • If a storage enclosure or framing material says it is photo safe, will it be ok with my digital prints?
    • What is the best printer?
    • As well as many others
  • A new Upcoming Events calendar has been added to announce the locations and dates for IPI DP3 team presentations and workshops as well as other related events.

IPI also publishes a quarterly DP3 Project e-newsletter with updates on IPI’s activities in the area of digital print preservation which you can subscribe to on the left side of this page or on the left side of the DP3 website.