eCNB Subscription Levels and Pricing

Visit the Tour page of eClimateNotebook to see an overview of all eCNB features. To access demos of eCNB, you can Launch Basic Demo or Launch Professional Demo. You won’t be able to enter or change information but you can view all the features included in the site. You can always sign up for a free account to upload your own data to try before you buy as well (or keep the free version if you have 3 datasets or less). Subscription levels are described below.

eClimateNotebook®—Free Level
The Free level is best for smaller institutions with limited resources and a small number of monitored locations. This level can be used with the DBF files from Climate Notebook desktop software and data from both the original PEM and the PEM2 loggers. Users will have easy access to outdoor weather data, the Dew Point Calculator, interactive graphs with limit lines, IPI's Preservation Metrics, and statistics to help with your analysis.

Free 1 institutional user limit up to 3 location datasets $0/year


eClimateNotebook®—Basic and Basic Plus Levels
The two Basic levels will meet the needs of most small to medium institutions. The Basic levels include all the features in the Free level plus automated reports and the ability to import data from a wide range of commonly used dataloggers.

Basic 5 institutional users up to 10 location datasets $120/year
Basic Plus 10 institutional users up to 25 location datasets $300/year


eClimateNotebook®—Professional and Professional Plus Levels
The two Professional levels add a number of key management functions needed by medium to large institutions. Features include a multi-level hierarchy of storage locations and an associated information database with both default and custom fields. These levels include several compare features, customizable material selections, and extensive search options. Users can easily evaluate the preservation quality of each monitored location and determine which areas are best suited to particular materials. The Professional levels have systems for incorporating floor plans and photographs, and for noting incidents and activities such as leaks and storage upgrades. Both basic and customizable reports are available.

Professional 20 institutional users up to 50 location datasets $600/year
Professional Plus unlimited institutional users unlimited location datasets $900/year


eCNB is compatible with both PC and Mac platforms. IPI provides safe and secure data storage with daily backups and free technical support.