Re-introducing IPI’s Dew Point Calculator

Participants in IPI’s ongoing Sustainable Preservation Practices webinar series have been raving about IPI’s Dew Point Calculator, available at IPI developed the Calculator in 2005 and made it available as a free web-based application in 2008. We have recently updated all the text on the site to help users in cultural institutions better understand how valuable this tool is for managing the environment for preservation.

Dew Point Calculator

You can use the Dew Point Calculator to explore various combinations of temperature, relative humidity, and dew point and compare the preservation quality of each environment. If you know the temperature and RH in your space, you can use the calculator to determine the dew point temperature. Without mechanical humidification or dehumidification, the indoor dew point is the same as the outdoor. The various sliders allow you to determine the best combination of temperature and RH you can achieve at a given dew point.

The "How to Use" tab will link you to background information on the interactions of temperature, RH and dew point, how these elements determine preservation quality, a description of IPI’s Preservation Metrics™ which are incorporated into the evaluation, and suggestions for managing periods of extreme dryness or dampness.

The Dew Point Calculator can be used with any web browser on any platform. To learn more about how the Dew Point Calculator can be applied to environmental management, refer to the articles published in the December 2008 issue of Climate Notes: