eClimateNotebook™ One Year Later

Happy Birthday eClimateNotebookThe June 2012 issue of Climate Notes announced the release of (eCNB), IPI’s web-based environmental data management system designed to help archives, libraries, and museums document, analyze, and improve the storage environment for long-term preservation.

In May 2012, IPI transitioned over 1,200 PEMdata and MyClimateData accounts, including all existing data and associated information, to eClimateNotebook. Access to the Professional level of the new site was free to all previous accounts for three months at which point users could choose from four levels of paid subscription options or a limited free account.

Initial subscriptions far exceeded our expectations in the first year. One year after release we had 952 eCNB subscribers; 251 paid and 701 free accounts. Most paid accounts were scheduled for annual renewal this past August and we’re happy to report almost all of them have renewed their subscription. In the meantime, new institutions continue to sign up for eCNB on a daily basis.

eCNB was designed to help professionals in cultural institutions do more than just collect environmental data. The analysis and risk management functions included in eCNB were developed to help users answer several important questions.

  • What is the environment in the space and how does it compare to other spaces?
  • How do I evaluate the preservation quality of the environment in the space?
  • How is the environment in the space affecting the collections stored there?
  • What do I do to improve the preservation quality of the environment in the space?

A user survey was sent to all eCNB account administrators in late May 2013. The response to the site was overwhelmingly positive. Overall rating results for various categories were:

Ease of use 90% good to excellent
Site Content 94% good to excellent
Data Manager features 89% good to excellent
Graphing functions 93% good to excellent
Analysis functions  95% good to excellent
Storage Planning features  96% good to excellent
Reports 92% good to excellent
Plans and Pricing 68% good to excellent
Information Database 71% good to excellent (Professional Levels only)
Notes feature 40% good to excellent (Professional Levels only)


Based on user suggestions, several new features were added to eCNB. It is now possible for each institutional account administrator to assign two types of users—one with access to enter information and modify data, one with read only access. The ability to archive or retire a dataset has been added, making it much easier to manage the transition and assignment of data when a logger is replaced or moved from one location to another. Additional options have been added to the Data Upload page. Rollover tooltips and instructional information have been added throughout the site.

If you are interested in reading more about the results of the eCNB survey including answers to users questions and clarification of certain features, click here.

We are always interested in hearing from our colleagues and will continue to use your input to improve eCNB to meet your needs. Feel free to forward comments and suggestions about the site to at any time.