Apply to NEH by May 1, 2014 for a Preservation Assistance Grant

Non-profit collecting institutions in the US can apply to the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) for a Preservation Assistance Grant (PAG) for an environmental management project. We encourage you to consider some of the products and services available from IPI. NEH has supported the development of IPI’s environmental tools and approaches, and IPI’s products and services have been included in several successful PAG applications.

Preservation Assistance Grants of up to $6,000 are available to support the preservation of materials in small to mid-sized libraries, archives, museums, historical organizations, records offices, and colleges and universities. The deadline for application to this program is May 1, 2014 for projects beginning in January 2015 ( Note that no cost share or matching funds are required and that applicants to this program generally have a high success rate.


Projects eligible for funding include:

  • Consultation with professionals to address specific preservation issues such as:
    • Establishing an environmental monitoring program
    • Developing plans for improving environmental conditions
  • Purchase of environmental monitoring equipment for humanities collections:
    • Purchase of dataloggers and associated software
    • Training in the use and installation of environmental monitoring equipment and the interpretation of collected data
  • Education and training projects, including:
    • Hiring consultants to conduct on-site training tailored to fit the needs of your institution
    • Presentations held at your institution for neighboring organizations

Applicants may combine two or more elements of these and other project types in a single application. IPI’s tools and services can help you document existing storage conditions, identify the effect of those conditions on collections, and recommend changes that will improve preservation quality. In addition, IPI staff has years of experience presenting talks, workshops and seminars on a range of topics associated with managing the environment for preservation and sustainable preservation practices. Consider:

IPI Hardware and Software Options
Unit price for PEM2® environmental monitors

$349 each for 1 to 9
$299 each for 10 or more

Unit price for PEM2 Flash Drive – 4GB $25
Annual subscription to eClimateNotebook™ web-based data management and analysis site – Basic and Basic Plus levels

$120 for up to 10 locations
$300 for up to 25 locations

Shipping costs $15 to $25 on average

IPI Consulting & On-site Training
Per person rate for consulting on or off-site, for on-site training or presentations

$1200 per day

Per person rates for travel time $600 per full day, $300 per half day
Per Diem expenses (travel, housing, food) – average, actuals will vary by location

$1000 on average, actuals vary by location