New Features on PEMdata!

Do you need to know which of your collection objects could be at risk in your environmental conditions? Now, it’s possible to view and sort Collection Risks by risk ratings.

IPI’s Preservation Metrics analyze the preservation quality of an environment and rate the environmental conditions for four types of decay. However, not all materials have the same sensitivities or would be at risk in the same environments. The Collection Risks section of PEMdata relates the defined risks to specific collection materials.

Before, it was only possible to view the Collections Risks for the conditions you had. Now, it is possible to explore hypothetical situations and sort the Collection Risks by risk rating for each type of decay. Simply select the risk rating (Good – OK – Risk) and the type of decay (Natural Aging – Mechanical Damage – Mold Growth – Metal Corrosion) to see which materials would be sensitive to each type of risk.  

View by dataset:

View by dataset


View by risk rating:

View by risk rating


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