Free PEM2 Firmware Upgrade

Free firmware upgrade available for PEM2 loggers purchased before April 7, 2009.

Send in your PEM2 for a free firmware upgrade and we’ll return it with a new set of batteries (if needed)!

How do I know which version of the firmware I have?

If you purchased your PEM2 BEFORE April 7, 2009 and have not returned it to us for any reason (recalibration, new batteries, repair or service) – you have an older version of the firmware.

Why do I need to do this?

Upgrading to the newest firmware makes downloading data from the PEM2 faster and more efficient. It will also extend the battery life of your PEM2. Rather than downloading ALL the data each time the flash drive is inserted, the new firmware allows the PEM2 to download ONLY the data recorded since the last download. The complete data record is still saved within the PEM2 and can be retrieved at any time. When you upload your data into PEMdata or Climate Notebook, you will still see a continuous record of the data; the newest data collected from the PEM2 will be appended to the older data, creating one continuous dataset.

Upgrading to the newest firmware will also provide a permanent fix to the leap year issue experienced at the start of 2009. PEM2 users still running the older firmware in the year 2012 will have to perform the same leap year resolution to prevent an interruption of data collection after January 1, 2013. Avoid the need for this fix by sending in your PEM2 now for a free firmware upgrade!

We’ll cover the cost of the return shipping and, if your current batteries are low, we will replace them with a new set of lithium ion batteries.

Ship to:
Attn: Ed Zinn / 585-475-5199
Rochester Institute of Technology/IPI
Building 7B, Rm. 2000
70 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623-5604

What about my data?

We will save all the data that is on the loggers and send the data files to you. Be sure to include your email address with your contact information so we can email your data to you as quickly as possible. The loggers will be returned in ship mode with no data on them.

When will my PEM2 be returned?

We will get your loggers sent back to you as soon as possible - up to one week at the most.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns: