Permanent Images: A Personal and Technical Memoir

Permanent Images: A Personal and Technical Memoir, written by Dr. Peter Z. Adelstein is a look into the past of an accomplished research scientist who has been in the field of image permanence for over sixty-three years. There have been many changes in our understanding of image stability, in recording materials, and in the institutions that are concerned with permanence behavior. In this memoir, Dr. Adelstein recounts significant milestones over the past few decades that are sure to be of interest among scientists and anyone interested in the history of image permanence. In addition, Dr. Adelstein hopes that his personal reflections of some of the outstanding personalities who contributed greatly to the field will be of general interest.

Chapter Titles:

  • A Brief Background
  • Preexisting Conditions
  • Physical Property Laboratory
  • Film Supports
  • Image Stability
  • Work Environment at Kodak Park
  • Unique Experiences
  • Image Permanence Institute
  • Film Base Stability
  • Important Personalities
  • Standardization Activities

114 pages, hard cover, 6" x 9", no quantity discount.

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