Kappa Number Test

The Test

IPI determines the Kappa number of paper and paperboard products according to ISO 302. The Kappa number is an indication of the lignin content of pulp. Its determination is a requirement for the selection of paper-based photo-safe storage and framing materials in accordance to ISO 18902.

The test involves allowing the pulp to react with a specific amount of potassium permanganate for a given time and measuring the unconsumed permanganate. The more lignin there is in the pulp, the more permanganate is consumed.

All test results are confidential.

What We Need

For the Kappa test, the customer shall provide IPI with 20 grams of each material submitted for testing.

Please name or code your samples so that we have a reference by which to communicate the test results. Our test reports will refer only to your specific label.

NOTE: The Kappa test is a destructive test; sample materials cannot be returned.

Materials for testing should be shipped to:

Attn: Andrea Venosa (Kappa)
Gannett Building 7B, Room 2000
70 Lomb Memorial Dr.
Rochester, NY 14623


Kappa Number Test per ISO 302

  • First two samples inclusive (minimum charge): $600
  • Each additional samples (sent at same time): $300