Light-Fastness Test

Light-Fastness TestingWhen assessing the long-term stability of traditional or digitally printed photographs, the effects of light are of primary concern. Long-term exposure to light can cause fading of the colorants that compose the image, yellowing of the paper or canvas substrate, and delamination of the print’s surface layers.

IPI’s light-fastness lab is equipped with a 50-kilolux xenon unit for testing the light fastness of traditional and digitally printed materials (inkjet, electrophotographic, dye-sublimation).

The Test

Our light-fastness tests are accelerated-aging studies in which a specimen is exposed to high-intensity light for a relatively short length of time. The data obtained from these short-term tests can then be converted into long-term predictions of print display life.

A typical light-fastness test consists of exposing samples, printed with our standard test target, to a 50-kilolux illumination for 12 weeks, and taking density measurements once a week. Xenon light is used to simulate daylight. Light-fastness tests are done under temperature- and humidity- controlled conditions (21°C/70°F and 50%RH). At the end of the exposure period the collected data is analyzed and a full report, including an explanation of the test method, is generated for the customer.

All test results are confidential.

What We Need

For the light-fastness testing, the customer provides IPI with the printed test targets. The targets to be printed can be downloaded here: Xenon Target (8x10). We need 2 copies for each sample (substrate/colorant combination) being submitted for xenon testing. This target should be printed on an 8 x 10 inch (or larger) sheet (if your substrate does not come in this format, please contact us and we will send you a new target; DO NOT resize).


Materials for testing should be shipped to:

Attn: Andrea Venosa (Light)
Gannett Building 7B, Room 2000
70 Lomb Memorial Dr.
Rochester, NY 14623


For each sample (i.e. each substrate/colorant combination):

Xenon light

  • First 12 weeks: $2000
  • 12-week extension: $1500
  • Minimum charge: $4000

For more information on light stability testing, please contact Andrea Venosa at