About IPI

Research, Education, Products and Services in Support of Preservation since 1985


The Image Permanence Institute® (IPI) is a recognized world leader in the development and deployment of sustainable practices for the preservation of images and cultural heritage. IPI accomplishes this through a balanced program of research, education, products, and services that meet the needs of individuals, companies, and institutions.

About IPI

IPI® is a nonprofit, university-based laboratory devoted to preservation research. It is the world’s largest independent laboratory with this specific scope. IPI was founded in 1985 through the combined efforts and sponsorship of the Rochester Institute of Technology and the Society for Imaging Science and Technology. Funding for IPI's preservation research and outreach efforts has come primarily from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. IPI provides information, consulting services, practical tools and preservation technology to libraries, archives, and museums worldwide. The imaging and consumer preservation industries also use IPI’s consulting, testing and educational services.

Areas of Research and Expertise

  • The nature of photographic images and other forms of print media
  • Information and technical support for the archival and photographic conservation profession
  • Sustainable practices in environmental management and preservation
  • The stability of imaging and information media and digital print preservation
  • Development of ISO Standards for imaging media and preservation

Major Funders

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Institute for Museum and Library Services
National Endowment for the Humanities

We are also indebted to the thousands of institutions and consumers who purchase our products and services. Self-generated income is critical to ensuring IPI's long-term viability.