Practical Introduction to Mechanical Analysis of Cultural Heritage Materials Workshop

This workshop will provide a theoretical and practical understanding of static mechanical analysis and dynamic mechanical analysis, with a view to characterizing the physical properties of heritage materials, and developing appropriate methodologies for conservation and preservation applications. Over the course of three days, participants will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of mechanical analysis and data analysis, and participate in practical laboratory sessions using tensile testers, dynamic mechanical (thermal) analysis, and dynamic mechanical (humidity) analysis. These sessions will be supplemented with case study examples from the field of conservation and preservation, providing tangible examples of how mechanical properties can inform the treatment, storage and display of objects, mechanical test method development, and test limitations.

The workshop will be limited to a maximum of 10 attendees. Registration per individual is $675 and participants are responsible for their own travel, meals, and lodging costs. Registration ends September 15, 2024 or when the workshop is full.

The target audience is conservation professionals new to mechanical analysis who wish to perform laboratory analysis or conservation professionals working in collaboration with heritage scientists and engineers wishing to equip themselves with a fundamental knowledge to inform discussions.

Marvin Cummings, Jacek Olender, and Emma Richardson



October 15, 2024 - October 17, 2024


Image Permanence Institute at Rochester Institute of Technology
70 Lomb Memorial Drive
GAN 2000
Rochester, NY 14623