IPI is an independent laboratory that provides both standardized and custom independent research for corporate, governmental, or non-profit sponsors.

Testing services are available to manufacturers of imaging, framing, and archival storage and display materials. As a university-based, non-profit research laboratory, IPI is uniquely positioned to provide independent research to these industries. Testing provides both consumers and manufacturers of these materials with unbiased, data-driven answers to questions of print stability, relative longevity, and photo safety. IPI's testing capabilities include colorant bleed, pH, alkali reserve, and photographic activity. All results of sponsored research and testing are confidential.

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Photo-storage, Display, & Labeling Materials - A Guide to ISO 18902 “Photo-safe” Testing

This guide includes a description of the standard’s requirements to meet the “photo-safe” designation depending on material type (paper, plastic, adhesive, etc.), as well as an illustration depicting which elements of a photograph are most likely affected by harmful components (reactants) in photo storage, display, and labeling materials, and which tests are necessary to detect each of these reactants.


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